AGE Media partners with The Body Shop for campaigns to make positive contribution to the world

AGE Media partners with The Body Shop for campaigns to make positive contribution to the world

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In collaboration with The Body Shop, AGE Media is developing three special campaigns aimed at making a positive contribution to the world. As in previous years, AGE Media stands as a trusted partner to The Body Shop in their influencer marketing in 2021.

The first campaign focuses on Self-love. Campaigns focused on Empowerment and Body Positivity will follow later this year.

As a part of the Self-love campaign, The Body Shop supports the MIND Korrelatie helpline.

The skincare company describes Self-love as follows: “At The Body Shop, we believe that self-love is our superpower that lifts us up to fight for change together. That’s why we want to give a platform to the emerging global collective of fearless people who have been on the journey to self-love and feel empowered to step up, speak out, challenge what is broken, and fight for a fairer and more beautiful world.”

For the Self-love campaign, AGE Media collaborates with Self-love ambassadors like Mayra Louise and Merel Teunis who publish Instagram posts and stories. The Body Shop is also featured in various podcasts with Merel Teunis and other special guests.

Those podcasts are available on Spotify. Additionally, Mayra Louise will host masterclasses and provide Instagram Live sessions closer to the end of May.

AGE Media has also realized a special collaboration with the MIND Foundation. The Body Shop, together with Mayra Louise, is donating €5000 to MIND Korrelatie to support their helpline, where anyone struggling with issues can get personal advice and help. In collaboration with The Body Shop, MIND Korrelatie can better support the helpline and make it more visible.

Marjan ter Avest, Director at MIND: Many people with psychological issues suffer from self-destructive thoughts. They often find it difficult to be kind and caring of themselves. A negative self-image can have a big impact on your life. That’s why I’m very happy that this campaign and MIND’s collaboration with The Body Shop focuses on self-love. Because self-love lies not only in big but also in the little things. For example, it’s important not to go too far relating negative thoughts and feelings to yourself, but to see them as a signal to give yourself a little more warmth and attention instead. Discussing your feelings helps. Our colleagues at the MIND Korrelatie helpline are happy to help you with this. Free and anonymous.

Jennifer Feaster, Managing Director, AGE Media: We’re proud to be a part of campaigns that focus on a philosophy rather than a product. The Body Shop’s approach embodies our motto, “less selling, more giving” and strengthens our purpose to help brands, charities and influencers deliver a positive message to the online and offline world.”



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