Amsterdam-based creative agency Cloudfactory joins The Network

Amsterdam-based creative agency Cloudfactory joins The Network

20-04-2022 15:01:01 | Door: Pie Kamau | Hits: 1451 | Tags:

Amsterdam-based independent creative agency Cloudfactory has joined the international network of independent agencies by the Network, founded by Per Pedersen , former Global Creative Chairman of the Gray Group.

Julio Álvarez , Creative Director of Cloudfactory: “By focusing on independence and creativity, Per Pedersen and by The Network eliminate as much noise as possible that often gets in the way of creativity. More specifically, Cloudfactory and by The Network see creativity as a culture, not a department, as is the case within traditional agency networks. Being part of The Network is a matter of shared principles about the profession – we couldn't be more alike in that regard.”

Sandeep Chawla, Managing Director of Cloudfactory: “For us, success with by The Network will consist of business and intellectual growth – not only in the number of new assignments that the partnership will generate, but also especially in the new energy and inspiration that comes from all creative exchanges and synergy with other agencies.”

Per Pedersen: “We kicked off in October 2020, forming 17 independent creative agencies committed to building a new kind of global network powered and owned by creatives. I felt liberated. We chose Cloudfactory as a Dutch agency partner, because of the passion and creative ambitions of the team that fit perfectly with the spirit of by The Network. A few years ago I introduced Pussy Riot on stage in Cannes with the aim of inspiring the industry to think and act more like activists. I think it's great that Cloudfactory has made it their mantra, because it triggers different kinds of ideas that won't lead to conventional advertising anyway. The goal of both Cloudfactory and by The Network is to make the best work, and that ambition will never go away. That is the beauty and a curse when you are driven by creativity: a relentless urge to always want to do something nicer, smarter. Nor do we measure our success by short-term results. We are doing this to add a positive, hopefully noteworthy page to advertising history – and to inspire others to do the same.”

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