Boudewijn Beusmans appointed CEO of NewBe

Boudewijn Beusmans appointed CEO of NewBe

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Boudewijn Beusmans has been appointed the new CEO and partner at  NewBe effective March 1st 2021. 

Until recently, he was the CEO at EndemolShine and responsible for their activities in The Netherlands, Belgium, Scandinavia and Germany.. 

Jeroen Koopman, founder and owner of NewBe: "During the growth of NewBe, I felt my role split into the role of a CEO and that of a creatively initiating entrepreneur. It was clear to me that my passion lies more in that creative role. But only after meeting Boudewijn, I felt the space and security to really entrust the CEO role to someone else. I couldn't be more excited about taking this step with him now."

Boudewijn: "Sometimes, you click with someone very quickly. That feeling when you know it's right and that you will make a good team. I immediately had that with Jeroen. His creative entrepreneurship, eye for talent and enthusiasm have already made NewBe, together with the powerful team, one of the most diverse and innovative producers in the Netherlands. I believe in NewBe's ambition to conquer the world, and I find it a fantastic challenge to help shape that in my new role." 

NewBe has become one of the largest independent producers in the Netherlands and focuses entirely on the streamer market with fiction and non-fiction titles such as Gewoon Boef (Videoland), Misfit (Netflix), but also the Heartbreak High reboot (Netflix), SingleTown (HBOMax) and films like Meskina. 

In his new role, Jeroen will take responsibility for the creative team and the initiation of major new films and series and the start-up of new offices, of which NewBe Belgium will be the first.

Jeroen and Boudewijn: "We think the same about many things, have a similar vision and strategy and (last but not least) both have a daughter named Amélie! But in addition to many similarities, we also have a completely complimentary personality and area of expertise. Jeroen is more creatively initiating and acts more on the foreground. In contrast, Boudewijn is more strategic, coaching and professional organizing', but both with the same end goal: to make NewBe grow to great heights."



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