BrandBase wins two golds for Shell campaign

BrandBase wins two golds for Shell campaign

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At both the London Design Award show 2020 and the Berlin Design Award show 2021, BrandBase won gold for Sales Promotion.

The entry was for Shell and concerns the BMW Salt Water Cars with the Sugarcane Racetracks.The judges were full of praise for the unique innovation of powering toy cars with electric motors using salt water as fuel.

In addition, BrandBase has developed an accompanying race track that is also a novelty. It is made entirely from the waste product left behind by sugarcane production, called bagasse.

With every toy car produced, a contribution is made to the Plastic Bank, so that the plastic used in the production of the toy can be fully offset.

 The Plastic Bank is an organization that aims to remove plastic waste from the world's oceans, beaches and waterways.

From the judges' report: "This gold award is a tribute to creative and innovative design. Great attention has been paid to the technical, conceptual and aesthetic elements and the user experience of the audience."

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