Brands capitalize on creative with advances in the platform

Brands capitalize on creative with advances in the platform

14-07-2022 11:52:51 | Door: Bob Koigi | Hits: 2302 | Tags:, a company and a next-generation Creative Management Platform (CMP), has released the next generation of Personalize™,’s award-winning cookieless platform for creative management, media alignment and creative intelligence all in one place. Personalize 2.0 delivers breakthrough capabilities to accelerate and scale campaign activation while ensuring brand governance and improved campaign addressability cross-channel.

As a result of these advances, advertisers are experiencing a range of ROAS benefits, including:

28% reduction in time required to link media and creative strategies in a single digital workspace,

4x faster campaign builds with on-brand assets, published and approved automatically,

85% fewer clicks to build personalized variants for every audience in their media plan, and

Up to a week’s advance notice prior to the onset of campaign fatigue, thanks to AI-driven modeling, along with the creative data insights to tune performance at the variant level.

Barbara Piras, Group Head of Digital Marketing, TUI Group: “Scaling campaigns significantly while comfortably reducing production time has been simply delightful. Adding’s technology to our marketing workflow has opened a new world of creative possibilities I’m excited to explore in the future.”

Dean Weaving, Director of Brand Media Operations, Deliveroo: “Our hyperlocal marketing strategy has been instrumental to our success, and is a key partner in helping us scale our reach and creative effectiveness in record time. Their platform has brought our creative and media teams together at a high level of collaboration and coordination, time and time again. We look forward to continuing our work, leveraging their platform, to bring the same relevant, on-target advertising to a multitude of highly differentiated localities.”

Oli Marlow Thomas, Founder, “According to a recent WBR Insights survey, only 10% of advertisers felt that their creative and media teams were aligned. This disconnect leads to a number of inefficiencies and sub-optimal results, and it is a core challenge addressed by our platform. Our goal is to transform the creative production process into one that is easier, faster, more collaborative, data-advised and better aligned to media strategies.”

With Personalize 2.0, advertisers can now execute multi-market activations across channels in fewer steps, integrate with leading media platforms to instantly pull in target audiences and publish approved creatives while reducing the risk of creative rejection.

Advertisers can also build targeted creative campaigns and test and learn strategies at scale in minutes, across display, video and social. AI can be leveraged at every step along the way, from asset cropping for quick and easy image editing across channels and formats, to fatigue alerts to prevent premature decline in campaign performance. Best of all, in-line performance reporting reduces the campaign optimization effort to just a few clicks.


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