Camelot selects OneView by Roku to help small-and-medium businesses expand into TV streaming advertising

Camelot selects OneView by Roku to help small-and-medium businesses expand into TV streaming advertising

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Camelot Strategic Marketing & Media and Roku has announced that Camelot is the first agency to join a new certified partner program to use OneView to help small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) accelerate investment in TV streaming advertising.

As an early adopter and first certified partner, Camelot will use the data, tech, and tools from America’s  number 1 TV streaming platform* to make it easy for SMBs to grow their businesses and achieve their marketing goals.

SMBs are looking for fresh marketing channels as cookies and mobile IDs become less available. Today, 47% of SMBs say they intend to increase spend in TV streaming in the next 12 months**. TV streaming advertising offers the personalization, optimization, and performance to help SMBs succeed. On Roku, 53 percent of users say that they prefer shopping at local, independent stores***.

OneView is the ad platform built for TV streaming. Brands use OneView to set up, optimize, and measure their ad campaigns. In a world where all TV ads will be automated, OneView offers software with data, machine learning, and measurement to reach more streamers wherever they are – Roku, other TV streaming platforms, desktop, mobile, and more.

Marketers choose OneView because it is the only ad buying platform with Roku data and with new ad experiences that go beyond the traditional TV spot. With more than 63 million active accounts globally as of Q2, 2022, Roku has the scale and accuracy to help businesses move products off the shelf efficiently.

Sam Bloom, CEO, Camelot Strategic Marketing & Media: “We’re thrilled to enhance our longstanding partnership with Roku to bring SMBs the benefits of TV streaming. Camelot prides itself on building fact-based, insights-driven programs for our clients, which is why we chose OneView to deliver the best TV ad experience.”

Tommy Burk, Senior Director, OneView: “For the past six years, Camelot has been a key strategic partner with Roku and demonstrated operational excellence in OneView. We’re excited to entrust Camelot to help a broader set of advertisers accelerate the shift to TV streaming.”

Camelot was the first agency to certify its traders on OneView for its Fortune 500 clients. The agency was also a launch partner with Roku’s clean room, a privacy-first data collaboration environment that allows advertisers and agencies to use their encrypted first-party data for their advertising.


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