Cloud Media Center enters sports video distribution space with platform that connects content producers, publishers, advertisers

Cloud Media Center enters sports video distribution space with platform that connects content producers, publishers, advertisers

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Cloud Media Center (CMC) has arrived as the new gold standard in sports-video distribution armed with a cadre of formidable sports-aligned financial backers, a highly sophisticated tech platform built by former Intel developers and an industry-leading rev-share model that further sweetens the company’s robust value proposition.

Robert Portrie, Chairman, Cloud Media Center: “We are well-positioned to succeed in an increasingly crowded digital space. We have the funding, the experience and vision, a best-in-class technology platform and a unique, rev-share business model that will allow us to compete with anybody.”

CMC attributes its strong financial position to a diverse mix of investors including the local firm, Monterey Private Capital located in Ponte Vedra Beach, and Chicago-based Matrix Capital Advisors, an independent wealth management firm.

CMC sells advertising inventory — including display, pre-roll and mid-roll insertions, sponsorships and custom brand-integration — tied to both long-form and short-form sports video through a cloud- based, analytically driven distribution platform that seamlessly connects advertisers with content producers and publishers. CMC’s end-to-end platform enables collaboration, at an unprecedented level, among the big three traditionally siloed groups within the digital publishing marketplace.

It is that collaboration coupled with best-in-class, real-time analytics that allow advertisers and publishers alike to optimize their campaigns — and do it with speed and granular accuracy. CMC has developed a customized dashboard for each constituency — content producers, advertisers and publishers — equipped with advanced, real-time analytics for highly efficient and effective campaign management.

Ravi Bandaru, Chief Technology Officer, Cloud Media Center: “We built the complete package, an end-to-end platform with powerful next generation technology capabilities. CMC’s one-of-a-kind AI/ML analytics-driven Digital Media Platform with a robust and secure AWS cloud-services backend, will be the ‘go-to’ media network for all content producers, publishers and advertisers in meeting all of their business needs.”

Another of CMC’s big key differentiators is a rich library of all-original, super high-quality sports- video content. The start-up company has unique partnerships with an elite group of content producers, including CampusLore, that boasts group-rights access to the name, image and likeness of the most celebrated athletes in America, and beyond. Broad access to athletes offers a unique and dynamic opportunity for customized, brand-integrated content for CMC’s advertisers.

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