Cross Screen Media expands deal with Xandr to include cross-screen measurement for political advertisers

Cross Screen Media expands deal with Xandr to include cross-screen measurement for political advertisers

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Cross Screen Media, a tech firm specializing in optimized local TV and CTV ad planning and measurement, has announced an expanded collaboration with Xandr, a technology platform that powers a global marketplace for premium advertising, to enable targeted campaign measurement and insights.

As part of this, Cross Screen’s new campaign measurement solution, ScreenImpact, has been integrated into Xandr’s platform and is ready for use by Xandr’s Invest DSP customers. The combination will provide ad buyers with localized campaign insights and reach analysis of Xandr’s DSP inventory across CTV and digital video, along with customers’ linear campaigns, to more efficiently and effectively reach target audiences.

Michael Beach, CEO, Cross Screen Media: “We are very excited to expand our work with Xandr to include cross-screen measurement. We can’t wait for Xandr’s advertising partners to gain a full picture of targeted campaign reach and frequency across all linear, streaming and digital screens for the first time.”

Both Cross Screen Media and Xandr advertisers benefit from the companies’ robust data and premium digital video and CTV inventory, which can be activated within Xandr’s omni-channel DSP. Advertisers will be able to effectively expand the on-target reach and measurement of each campaign through access to Xandr’s premium inventory.

This comes at a particularly crucial time for political advertisers as they head into the 2022 midterm elections. While linear TV remains a major part of political strategy, the growth of digital investments among advertisers has accelerated due to the trend of consumer attention shifting towards streaming platforms. According to AdImpact, CTV political ad spend is projected to hit $1.5 billion this year, nearly one-third of linear TV spending.  As the media mix evolves, it’s imperative that advertisers are able to plan, activate, and measure CTV, linear TV, and digital video ads down to the hyper-local level.  With the Cross Screen Media platform, brands and agencies benefit from unified planning and full visibility into how each campaign performed across all screens.

Matthew Dybwad, Sr Account Executive at Xandr:  “Political advertisers are investing more in digital channels at a higher rate due to its hyper-local targeting capabilities and ability to reach voters where they are engaging with content. Understanding de-duplicated reach to voters across linear TV and digital means campaigns can know for certain where to spend their next dollar most efficiently to win in November.”

ScreenImpact, Cross Screen Media’s new measurement solution, displays frequency and deduplicated reach at the local level and is split out by screen type and network. Xandr users will be able to seamlessly toggle between digital metrics like CPMs and linear TV metrics like GRPs for every output, empowering marketers with all levels of experience to leverage these insights.

The measurement solution builds upon Xandr’s data-enabled technology platform, which includes Xandr Invest, Xandr Monetize and Xandr Curate, all of which optimize the return on investment for both buyers and sellers.


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