DEPT launches WEB3/DEPT to build the next generation of the web

DEPT launches WEB3/DEPT to build the next generation of the web

20-12-2022 12:00:00 | Door: Bob Koigi | Hits: 875 | Tags:

DEPT® has launched WEB3/DEPT® to support the fastest growing segment of its business.

The 300-person team, which has been responsible for 5% of DEPT®’s revenue this year, will help clients experiment with blockchain technology, build immersive experiences in the metaverse and deliver multi-layer strategies for launching NFTs.

Isabel Perry, vice president at WEB3/DEPT: “Web3 and the metaverse are the two transformational technological evolutions of the next decade. But it’s hard for CMOs and CIOs to figure out where to start. Over the last two years, we’ve helped so many brands to redefine the way they interact with their customers that we feel it’s time to combine all this expertise and knowledge under the WEB3/DEPT® banner.” 

The team has worked on over 60 Web3-focused projects, including industry firsts and award-winning work for brands like H&M, Tomorrowland, SPIN, Eurovision, Sprite (together with Marvel) and Dubai World Expo, as well as Web3 natives including HAPE, Circle, Dequency, Yuga Labs and Merit Circle. 

DEPT®’s Web3 experience is grounded in a heavy tech focus and dates back to 2015 when it helped build the first-ever crypto bank with Circle. Since then, the agency has built expertise on blockchain applications and marketplaces, including creating Algomart, the world’s first open source solution built on the sustainable Algorand blockchain for launching an NFT marketplace.

Dimi Albers, CEO, DEPT: “Web3 feels a bit like mobile back in 2006 – still in its infancy but bound to be impactful for everyone, everywhere. We want to lead the charge and help our clients navigate these transformational technologies for the next decade. We think the combination of our strong intellectual property, track record of delivering more than 60 web3 projects, and our diverse mix of engineers, creatives and strategies who ’get’ the web3 vision sets us apart, along with our ambitious R&D plans across EMEA, the US and Asia Pacific.”

WEB3/DEPT® will make it easier for clients to tap into the agency’s expertise in Web3 business transformation, blockchain technologies, immersive web experiences, AR, VR, gaming and the metaverse, as well as proprietary solutions for blockchain, webGL, pixel streaming and blockchain education. The team will also introduce a new Web3 Labs platform to help both clients and employees better understand web3 fundamentals, including the difference between crypto coins and crypto tech, why decentralised tech is here to stay, and primers on wallets, NFTs, DAOs, marketplaces, stablecoins, etc.

Founded in Amsterdam in 2015, DEPT® is made up of more than 3,500 people in seventeen countries across five continents and hit $500 million in revenue this year. The Certified B Corporation was named Agency Network of the Year at the Webby Awards and Agency of the Year by the Lovie Awards, including more than 30 awards for its pioneering Web3 work.

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