Despite a bigger budget, content teams are struggling with technology

Despite a bigger budget, content teams are struggling with technology

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In these times of Corona, more and more content teams are starting to work with new software and technology. Extra budget and time are made available to support this development.

However, despite these favourable conditions, six out of ten content teams are struggling with the use of new software and technology, according to research done by Crossphase among roughly 200 content teams.

About 48 percent of the questioned content teams mentioned using the right technology as a big challenge.

Maarten Fokkelman, CEO, Crossphase, sees this as an opportunity for content teams to broaden their perspective: “Before you purchase new software or a new system, you should answer the following question: are we getting everything we can out of our current resources? Most of the time, the answer is no”.

“The main challenges seem to lie around the implementation of the new tool and insufficient knowledge transfer within teams. When communication and knowledge within teams improve, technology is implemented to its full potential. Content teams become more effective and efficient. Plus, a new tool won’t defeat its purpose.”

Tech investments grow due to Corona

Because of the corona restrictions a lot of companies invest more time and money in new technology and innovation. About seven in ten content teams expect to implement new software or technology sometime this year.

Maarten Fokkelman: “Most innovations will be directed at optimisation of current processes or work methods. No wonder. More and more content teams are working remotely, urging teams to optimise their work processes.”

Because of the expectation that more technology will be used in the near future, about half of the teams foresee problems implementing this technology. “60 percent of the inquired content teams expect that they currently do not make the best use of the technology available in their organisation. This proves the hunch of many technology suppliers that without proper guidance their technology is not used to its full potential.”

Challenges with technology

Last year, 73 percent of content teams used new technology to optimise their content- and publication processes. Of this group, 44 percent encountered issues. “This is due to a lack of experience and knowledge of working with new technology. Suppliers of some of this technology told us that they’re asked for more and more extensive guidance and education when supplying new software.”

In practice however, many content teams start working with the new technology or software without proper training or knowledge.

Maarten Fokkelman: “As a result, the used technology is not implemented to its full capacity and that’s a shame. The products or projects sometimes get poor ratings, while most of the time it is not the tool, but the communication within the team that is the problem.”




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