Digital marketing company Creative Realities extends partnership with automotive manufacturing firm into Canada

Digital marketing company Creative Realities extends partnership with automotive manufacturing firm into Canada

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Creative Realities, Inc., a provider of digital marketing solutions, is expanding its collaboration with one of the world's largest automakers with 15 automotive brands in 130 countries.

CRI, whose omnichannel automobile platform is currently leveraged by approximately 2,600 automotive dealerships in the United States to drive customer satisfaction and retention, has been awarded the business of an additional 440 dealerships in Canada. Planning is currently underway, and deployment is expected to be completed by the second quarter of 2022.

Rick Mills, CEO, CRI: "This expansion is a landmark achievement and highlights CRI's ability to deliver value to the largest auto manufacturers in the world and other similar enterprise organizations across a full range of industries. Our software solution supports an expansive network of dealerships throughout the United States, and we're pleased to extend our reach into Canada."

The CRI automotive software platform includes two primary elements: iShowroom omnichannel sales support and Owner Support+:

iShowroom serves as a CRM sales tool used by more than 21,000 sales consultants each month. The sales tool seamlessly integrates with more than 25 data services for a unified sales process, resulting in measurable sales lift volume across dealers of all sizes.

Owner Support+ is an industry-leading vehicle delivery tool endorsed by JD Power. The vehicle checklist with digital customer takeaway has driven significantly improved customer satisfaction scores, while strengthening the digital connection between dealerships and their customers. Owner Support+ has driven a greater than 40% lift in connected vehicle enrollments since initial deployment in 2017.

These revenue-generating "owner apps" include subscription services for satellite radio, roadside assistance and other app-based functionality that enables the owner to unlock their car, start the engine remotely and enjoy in-vehicle media connectivity via their mobile phone. In all, the Owner Support+ platform now accounts for more than 85% of all connected vehicle enrollments across the entire network of domestic dealerships.

Mills: "The CRI platform now has a 10-year track record of deepening customer engagement and driving dealership revenue throughout the U.S., and we're pleased to extend this success north of the border. We dedicated significant resources to improve our platform, adapting for multilingual support and adding multi-currency functionality to enable transactions in Canadian dealerships and beyond."

CRI is in early-stage discussions to deploy its solution in other parts of the world, including key markets in Europe, South America, the Middle East, and the Asia-Pacific region.

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