DPG Media becomes co-owner of new streaming platform Whisper

DPG Media becomes co-owner of new streaming platform Whisper

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DPG Media is co-owner of the new streaming platform 'Whisper'. Launching in June, this platform will provide users with a vast array of audiobooks, e-books, and podcasts. DPG Media's podcast productions, such as 'De Kamer van Klok' by de Volkskrant and the 'AD Media podcast', will soon be available on the platform.

Whisper is a partnership between, among others, Dutch publishers and bookshops, linking a large network of writers, columnists, journalists, reviewers and booksellers. In addition to the shareholding, the DPG Media brands, journalists and critics make an active contribution to the consumer with, among other things, tip lists, recommendations of new and not-to-be-missed books and favorite podcasts.

DPG Media sees its share in Whisper as an important investment to connect consumers with its rich audio journalism.

 Adil Bouchmal, Director of Strategy and Integration, DPG Media: “Audio-on-demand consumption has accelerated in recent years along multiple story forms. In a world where time is the scarcest resource, audio is becoming increasingly important as the only true multi-task medium. We all listen to an interesting audio book or an inspiring podcast from time to time while doing laundry or exercising. With Whisper we are joining forces with the most important Dutch publishers and bookstores in one rich listening platform for consumers, and we are very excited about that. †

DPG Media is also entering into a commercial partnership with Fluid. DPG Media will acquire subscriptions for Whisper through the DPG Media brands.

Campaign: Whisper - YOU MUST HEAR!

In June, Whisper will be launched with a national cross-media campaign in news media, magazines, on the radio, online and of course in bookshops.

Josja Zijlstra, Director, Whisper: “ I am happy and proud that with Whisper we have such a complete range of audiobooks, e-books and podcasts and that with the help of all affiliated writers, booksellers and other tastemakers we can offer this tailored to the users. Stories that exactly match their interests. Unique content that surprises, inspires and amazes them.”

Both the Dutch and Flemish podcasts of DPG Media will soon be available on Whisper. DPG Media's podcast productions can of course also be listened to via its own and existing external channels.


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