DPG Media invests in Media Museum of Sound & Vision

DPG Media invests in Media Museum of Sound & Vision

24-02-2023 12:12:00 | Door: Bob Koigi | Hits: 237 | Tags:

DPG Media is helping to build the Media Museum of Sound & Vision by supplying content from many different titles from the rich portfolio. The aim of the collaboration is to show the museum's visitor the breadth, diversity and pluriformity of the media landscape in an accessible way.

The renovated Media Museum is a modern, unique and inspiring museum that is the first museum to adapt to the visitor. This means that every visitor will have their own experience in the museum. Current content of the many titles of DPG Media, such as de Volkskrant, NU.nl, Trouw, Qmusic and AD, is shown in all zones of the museum and is incorporated in dozens of different interactives. This way visitors experience how news is made and they can determine whether the news is reliable or fake based on news reports.

Philippe Remarque, journalistic director DPG Media: " Sound & Vision is an important distributor of media literacy among large groups of Dutch people, always with entertaining interactive exhibitions. That is good for journalism and society. We are therefore pleased that our titles play a role in this new ambitious tour of media history. "

Eppo van Nispen tot Sevenaer, director of Sound & Vision: “ I am extremely honored that a renowned news institute such as DPG Media is making content available to our new Media Museum. Thanks to this content, we can continue to offer museum visitors a balanced reflection of the Dutch media offer.”

Since the opening of the previous museum (the Sound & Vision Experience) in 2006, the media landscape has changed drastically. This is how YouTube made its appearance and the use of social media exploded due to the possession of smartphones.

From 'the media determine my world view', it became 'I determine the media and the media determine me'. Enough reason for Sound & Vision to build a completely new Media Museum that shows how media work and that lifts visitors from their own media experience by letting them watch it from a distance. 


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