DPG Media makes Tweakers third-party tracking-free

DPG Media makes Tweakers third-party tracking-free

09-06-2022 09:59:48 | Door: Bob Koigi | Hits: 1813 | Tags:

Tech website Tweakers, an offshoot of DPG Media, is now completely third-party tracking-free in the Netherlands and Belgium, which also means that no third-party cookies are placed in your browser when you visit the site.

By disabling third-party visitor tracking and moving to contextual advertising, the website can better serve both advertisers and visitors.

By offering a third-party tracking-free platform, Tweakers expects that the use of adblockers will decrease and the reach of advertisers will increase. From now on, Tweakers will also actively call on its visitors to disable their adblocker for the site.

Bob Cordemeyer, Sales Manager, Tweakers: “With the move to the tracking-free advertising platform, we are focusing on contextual advertising. The message is tailored to the context, so that the visitor sees more relevant advertisements. As a result, the performance of ads remains the same and the reach grows, because the number of users using ad blockers is decreasing."

Third-party cookies are cookies that are placed by a company that is not directly involved with the website in question. These types of tracking cookies are often intended to track and store the interests and behavior of visitors, in order to show personalized advertisements with this information.

Stefan Havik, Director of digital development, DPG Media. “With this Tweakers is taking a big step for its users and the platform is completely ready for the third-party cookie-free future. This is completely in line with the DPG Media movement, where we focus on the one hand on logged in users for personalized advertisements and on the other hand on contextual advertising for platforms and users who do not log in. This makes Tweakers a forerunner in the field of privacy and in this way offers an effective contextual advertising product for advertisers.”

With this step, DPG Media is preparing in good time for a future without third-party tracking cookies. More and more internet browsers are becoming third-party tracking-free because of the large amounts of (privacy-sensitive) data that are collected. Market leader Google has announced that Internet browser Chrome will also be third-party tracking-free from the end of 2023.



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