[eMarketer] 3G phaseout could speed up transition to 5G

[eMarketer] 3G phaseout could speed up transition to 5G

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As most carriers have transitioned to 4G LTE networks and more recently 5G connectivity, 3G networks are shutting down in the US to make it easier to roll out newer standards.

3G networks, which were introduced in 2021, took cellphones beyond voice calls and text messages and into an era of wireless data, GPS, mobile apps, and mobile messaging, per Tech Xplore.

The transition will affect some devices and services and could diminish connectivity in areas with less coverage. Carriers have reportedly reached out to subscribers of older devices to inform them of the change and offer transition options for supported devices.

eMarketer says that leaving 3G behind will likely lead customers to choose 5G as the most future-proof option, which could result in an uptick in 5G subscriptions and new smartphone sales. As for security and IoT services, upgrading from 3G is likely to be a more complex and expensive undertaking.

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