[eMarketer] Covid-19 pandemic pushes retail eCommerce to new heights

[eMarketer] Covid-19 pandemic pushes retail eCommerce to new heights

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The coronavirus pandemic changed media behaviours in 2020, driving up consumption of TV and digital video. Quarantines also changed the retail landscape, boosting eCommerce and digital food service significantly.

Amid a wave of changing consumer patterns, brand marketers should keep on top of what changed last year and what it means for 2021.

In a big way and across a variety of sectors. Ecommerce’s share of total retail reached new heights in 2020, driven by closures of physical retail locations in almost every category of goods

In Canada, retail eCommerce jumped ahead in 2020, growing CA$1.58 billion ($1.19 billion) more than we previously expected. This is according to the latest report by eMarketer.

The report covers five key developments in Canada’s digital economy in 2020 that will have lasting impacts on the market in 2021.

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