[eMarketer] Ethical questions on use of AI by big tech companies

[eMarketer] Ethical questions on use of AI by big tech companies

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Ethical considerations in AI are increasingly important as it becomes intertwined with everyday life—and as a growing body of research highlights the litany of racial and gender biases baked into the tech.

Demand for AI among businesses is surging as well: Some 32% of global organizations have AI initiatives in production, up from 11% in 2019, according to IDC data via The Wall Street Journal.

Google’s controversial firing of several high-profile ethical AI researchers,  has led to public discussion of the role algorithms play in fomenting divisiveness and spreading misinformation.

According to eMarketer, simply forming ethics teams isn’t enough. Twitter and other tech companies need to listen to and ultimately enact proposals from their ethics team if they wish to build back trust—both from within their own ranks and from the broader public.

Though AI ethics teams are on the rise in tech, it’s still unclear whether or not these teams will have much say—if any—in how their companies make decisions.

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