[eMarketer] Gen Z drives social media penetration in Canada

[eMarketer] Gen Z drives social media penetration in Canada

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As was the case with the rest of the world, the usage of social media in Canada in 2020 reached new highs as people turned to the platforms for information on the coronavirus crisis or to connect with their loved one.

What this new trend portends is the growing shift to social media advertising which will account for the majority of display ad investment this yea according to a forecast by eMarketer.

It is estimated that in 2021 up to 63.2 per cent of Canadians will use social media at least once per month with a preference on smartphones and platforms that are mobile friendly including Snapchat and Instagram.

While there has been a remarkable growth in social media use in Canada, there has been varied preference in terms of platforms with full penetration among adult Generation Z expected this year at 99 percent.

The younger millennials aged between 25 and 34 years will also enjoy a high penetration rate of 90.9 per cent.

Gen Z is also shaping social media use with majority moving from traditional platforms like Facebook which has seen the growth of other avenues including Snapchat, Instagram and TikTok.

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