[eMarketer] Programmatic digital display advertising is having an identity crisis

[eMarketer] Programmatic digital display advertising is having an identity crisis

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Advertisers, publishers, and their partners are now confronting changes to the infrastructure of platforms and devices that will have significant effects on how they do business. That includes the changes Apple has announced about what marketers can do with the Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA), as well as Google’s planned deprecation of third-party cookies in Chrome by early 2022.

Apple’s change to the IDFA is rumoured to go into effect around March 2021 and will require users to opt in on a per-app basis for cross-channel tracking.

Many experts in the industry are optimistic about these changes. Several pointed to the amount of collaboration going on among independent players in the industry to innovate new solutions for identity resolution, targeting, and measurement.

“It looks like everything is just continuing as normal, but under the surface, every business is swimming frantically and preparing things they’re not ready to announce yet,” said John Goulding, US head of strategy at programmatic partner MiQ. “I’m expecting a lot of big unveils especially in H2 in terms of solutions for the current market.”

According to a September 2020 survey from AppsFlyer and the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), most mobile marketers worldwide expected the IDFA changes to negatively affect everything from targeting and impression verification, to frequency capping, conversion measurement, and multitouch attribution.

US marketers and agencies polled by Advertiser Perceptions, also in September, expected campaign reporting and optimization to be most affected by the cookie deprecation specifically. 

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