[eMarketer] Samsung bets on 5G to inspire the future of smart hospitals

[eMarketer] Samsung bets on 5G to inspire the future of smart hospitals

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Samsung’s South Korea-based Samsung Medical Center is taking a big step toward becoming a 5G-powered, robotics-enabled hospital by undergoing an infrastructure assessment via the HIMSS Infrastructure Adoption Model (INFRAM).

INFRAM? It’s a blueprint for digital health advancement developed by HIMSS that consists of eight stages of digital health integration, like having a private cloud strategy (Stage 3) and home-based telemonitoring (Stage 7).

According to eMarketer, Samsung seems focused on remote patient monitoring and smart hospitals—and having a fully functioning 5G-powered smart hospital could help it attract more health system and hospital customers in different global markets.

5G can drive cost savings, increase patient access to quality care, and alleviate many current limitations of RPM and virtual care—which are critical to developing a smart hospital.

In fact, many health systems view 5G as the most important technology for facilitating their digital transformation.

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