[eMarketer] Social media key to product discovery for Gen Z

[eMarketer] Social media key to product discovery for Gen Z

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Older generations rely more heavily on family, friends, and TV ads to learn about new products. Personal recommendations are the most powerful purchase drivers for Gen Z as well, but social media—which includes ads, videos, and online influencers—is increasingly important to product discovery.

Gen Z taps a wider array of online and offline sources—including ratings and reviews, social media, online influencers, and in-person experiences.

According to eMarketer, Gen Z makes little distinction between online, mobile, and offline sources and zigzags effortlessly among them to find information.

In June 2021, half of US Gen Z internet users agreed that social networks were important information sources for shopping decisions.

In another June 2021 survey, 65% of Gen Z adult respondents said friend and family recommendations were the two most trusted sources for product recommendations.

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