[eMarketer] Subscription streaming services excite Nordic market

[eMarketer] Subscription streaming services excite Nordic market

30-09-2021 15:09:02 | Door: Bob Koigi | Hits: 283 | Tags:

The Nordic region has taken to subscription streaming services at some of the fastest rates in Western Europe, and indeed the world.

Thanks to the local appetite for foreign content, along with these services’ appetite for subscribers, the audience there will keep expanding for the foreseeable future.

For years now, the four Nordic countries we break out have exceeded the Western European average in subscription OTT video service adoption, and our latest forecast reveals that trend will continue this year.

According to eMarketer, In Norway and Denmark, more than 78% of digital video viewers will watch via these services at least once per month. The penetration rate in Sweden and Finland will be lower, but well above the 65.9% of Western Europe at large.

These countries remain in the top 10 when we widen the scope to include the rest of the world. Norway, Denmark, and Sweden are bested by only Canada and the US, where more than 85% of digital video viewers will be monthly subscription OTT video service users this year. The UK will post the sixth-highest rate, followed by Finland in seventh place.

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