[eMarketer]  Tracking the US programmatic CTV video ad spend

[eMarketer]  Tracking the US programmatic CTV video ad spend

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US advertisers spent an extra $1.16 billion on programmatic connected TV video ads in 2020 from what they spent in 2019, with that spend expect to grow to $2.37 billion in 2021 representing close to 29 per cent of all incremental spending on programmatic video ads this year according to the latest estimates by eMarketer.

This represents an estimated 15 per cent growth in cumulative programmatic display.

The researchers attribute this to a change in consumption trends as consumers embraced video streaming mostly on connected TV, CTV, devices and in large numbers. These impressions were made available programmatically.

Emarketer has quoted numerous sources who pointed to phenomenal increase in the number of available CTV video impressions.

This consumer consumption trend has shifted the landscape where growth in video advertising steered overall programmatic display growth. Now supply has overtaken advertisers’ demand for video impressions.

Emarketer quotes an Interactive Advertising Bureau, IAB, November 2020 survey where 60 per cent of US advertisers said they had plans to move ad dollars to CTV or OTT in 2021 from linear TV. 51 per cent of those who said they would make this move cited incremental reach while 81 per cent said targeting and efficiency were the motivating factors.


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