France AI startup reciTAL raises €3.5 million to bolster its Document Intelligence solutions

France AI startup reciTAL raises €3.5 million to bolster its Document Intelligence solutions

10-09-2020 12:58:48 | Door: Bob Koigi | Hits: 689 | Tags:

reciTAL, a Paris-based AI start-up specializing in Document Intelligence solutions, is raising € 3.5 million for the first time with the Breega investment fund.

 This funding allows reciTAL to accelerate its development to become the benchmark platform for research, extraction and automation of document databases and flows.

Gilles Moyse and Frédéric Allary founded the company in 2017 with a conviction: the very recent advances in automatic language processing (NLP) applied to unstructured documents, documents, emails, contracts, will have just as much impact for companies that ERP and CRM got for their structured data.

ReciTAL's Document Intelligence solutions allow companies to transform their unstructured data into competitive advantages: streamline and instantiate customer relations, increase and improve team productivity, make risk management more reliable ... And the use cases are numerous: information research , contract analysis, mail flow processing, risk assessment, Due Diligence process, compliance missions ...

ReciTAL's unique approach combines the power and precision of Deep Learning, the ease of use of a platform accessible to all employees, and ease of implementation in the IT / business ecosystem of companies.

R&D is one of the strengths of reciTAL with a team of 6 PhDs and a scientific committee which includes Stuart Russell, professor of IAof Computer Science at UC Berkeley and Antoine Bordes, director of Facebook AI Research in Europe. The team publishes in the best international conferences and contributes to the development of the state of the art in the field. and regular collaborations with the best international teams.

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