GumGum acquires European rich media and video ad marketplaces JustPremium

GumGum acquires European rich media and video ad marketplaces JustPremium

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GumGum, a company involved in contextual intelligence technology has announced the acquisition of JustPremium, one of the largest rich media and video ad marketplaces in Europe.

Their combined offering makes them one of the only global providers with a unified solution delivering attention-grabbing ad creatives in contextually relevant digital environments across global campaigns.

Contextual targeting is set to be a $412 billion business by 2025 and both GumGum and JustPremium have seen significant growth as the industry has rapidly accelerated its shift to contextual technology and attention first digital advertising solutions. GumGum’s 2021 revenue alone is on track to grow over 40% compared to last year.

With the addition of JustPremium, GumGum expedites that growth and furthers its position as a global strategic partner. Together they will lead the industry in offering a comprehensive solution that leverages both contextual and creative to deliver campaigns that are dynamically placed and drive consumer attention across digital environments for video, display, and CTV. Their first combined offering will include a new high impact in-content (outstream) video ad unit, which will be the first to be powered by Verity, GumGum’s accredited contextual data solution.

Phil Schraeder, Chief Executive Officer, GumGum: “Brands are looking for a strategic partner with value tested and accredited technology that drives campaign results, with no reliance on cookies, on a global scale. We believe this acquisition makes us that partner. It’s all about creative, context, and global scale. With those three elements, powered by sophisticated technology, we deliver what consumers want across all digital environments and, as a result, drive strong campaign ROAS for our brand partners.”

This acquisition is an integral part of GumGum’s global growth strategy. JustPremium helps some of the world’s most powerful brands connect with more than 900 million people in premium environments. By joining forces with JustPremium, GumGum doubles its brand and publishers presence in the U.K. and will expand into eight new markets including Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, and Mexico.

Eric Visser, Chief Executive Officer, JustPremium:  “Over the past 9 years, we have built a successful business based on making it simple to create, buy and deliver memorable ads with a portfolio of high-impact video and display formats running on a global network of premium publishers. With GumGum, we will now be able to maximize that vision by expanding our global reach and pairing our creative offering with an accredited industry-leading contextual engine that will meet the needs of what advertisers and publishers have been asking for.”

JustPremium is a European-based company, headquartered in Amsterdam, with approximately 150 employees globally. JustPremium’s CEO, Eric Visser will stay on as the President of EMEA for GumGum and report to Phil Schraeder, GumGum’s CEO. JustPremium’s organization and name will be integrated under the GumGum brand.


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