Havas Media Group names OpenX a preferred supply-side platform for programmatic ads

Havas Media Group names OpenX a preferred supply-side platform for programmatic ads

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Havas Media Group (HMG) North America and OpenX Technologies, Inc., a global omnichannel advertising exchange, have announced that OpenX has been named a preferred supply-side platform for programmatic advertising bought by HMG on behalf of its clients across North America.

HMG North America and OpenX will work together to create unique and innovative media buying opportunities on leading publisher sites through a combination of open auctions, private marketplaces (PMPs) and programmatic direct buys. The companies will develop a go-to-market strategy that leverages HMG’s media buying expertise and OpenX’s network of more than 130,000 domains across web, mobile and connected TV formats.

The announcement is part of HMG North America’s ongoing effort to consolidate – via select supply-side platforms – its clients’ ad spend on the open web. HMG North America will rely on these platforms in particular when desirable ad inventory is available on multiple exchanges.  

HMG North America has made it a strategic priority to establish an ethical and sustainable supply chain as a pillar of its business, and a key consideration in designating OpenX a preferred partner is its commitment to sustainability.  In May, OpenX announced details of the company’s “Path to Net Zero,” a comprehensive initiative that has positioned it at the forefront of sustainability practices in the ad industry. OpenX is the first advertising exchange to be certified as carbon neutral, and HMG intends for all of its supply chain partners to be carbon neutral by 2023.

Andrew Goode, EVP, managing director, investment, HMG North America: “HMG is committed to buying through supply-side partners who bring insight, operating excellence and transparency to our supply chain and who align with our vision of responsible and sustainable advertising. OpenX has demonstrated innovation and sophistication in helping brands find and engage audiences at scale, and we look forward to partnering with them as we continue our commitment to green media buying.”

John Gentry, chief executive officer, OpenX: “As today’s leading brands pursue audiences across a fluid and fragmented digital landscape, engaging meaningfully with customers requires deep, data-based insight, superior technology and trusted partners. We look forward to working with Havas Media Group to create an unquestionably valuable advertising supply path for its clients as they seek to connect with their targets in ways that are beneficial to everyone, including people and the planet.”

Among the key benefits of the partnership will be greater control of inventory and less executional complexity for Havas Media Group North America and harder-working media for its clients.

 Timely and transparent data and analysis provided by OpenX will also promote better execution and optimization of clients’ campaigns on a real-time basis, and OpenX will enjoy less cluttered access to premium marketers. Both HMG North America and OpenX are committed to a “clean” supply chain in which content and traffic quality as well as regulatory compliance and brand safety measures exceed expectations.



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