Havas Media report points advertisers to creative that matters on Meta

Havas Media report points advertisers to creative that matters on Meta

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Havas Media Group has unveiled “Creative Elements That Win on Meta Platforms,” a research study conducted in collaboration with Meta that delivers insights to help advertisers develop creative that matters on Facebook and Instagram.

The findings can provide an edge to marketers, marrying art and science to deliver more engaging, entertaining and inspiring work that builds meaningful relationships between brands and consumers.

The research was based on historical data from over 200 prior A/B test for +750 creative campaigns on Meta platforms across different countries and verticals, including Banking, CPG, Healthcare, Retail and Telecom.

The analysis examined 15 creative elements that could potentially have a positive impact on performance, ultimately identifying four elements that had the strongest association with winning A/B tests: designing creative specifically for social media, optimizing video for sound off, including the logo for recognizable brands (established brands which have been regularly communicating for several years with recognizable logos, colors, and characters) and focusing on people smiling.

The study also revealed four additional creative trends that were present in a higher portion of winning creative campaigns: focusing on an offer or promotion, including pricing, showcasing people and highlighting faces.

In addition to identifying these specific elements that are correlated with winning campaigns, the research explored the underlying principles that drive successful strategies on Meta platforms, and provides actionable takeaways for marketers to develop tailored strategies that unlock meaningful connections with consumers

Renata Spackova, Chief of Staff, EVP Global Digital Operations, Havas Media: “At Havas, we believe in the power of Meaningful Media that is trusted, engaging and influential to authentically engage with consumers and deliver value to brands. Communities such as Facebook and Instagram are reflections of people’s interests, relationships and behaviors, and creative that fosters a sense of connection is essential to succeeding on these platforms. This fresh research into the creative elements that win on Meta can help enable brands to develop people-rooted creative that matters for brands and consumers alike.”

The “Creative Elements That Win on Meta Platforms” report delves in-depth into the research findings, looks at additional creative elements that advertisers should consider investigating and explores what it all means for marketers.

The full report can be accessed here




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