Horizon Media partners with Sourcepoint to help drive privacy-first advertising

Horizon Media partners with Sourcepoint to help drive privacy-first advertising

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Sourcepoint, the privacy compliance platform of record for the digital marketing ecosystem, has partnered with Horizon Media to provide their clients with access to Sourcepoint’s privacy measurement technology, Privacy Lens.

 Sourcepoint’s proprietary platform allows advertisers to ensure media quality by analyzing how media inventory suppliers comply with consumer privacy regulations like CCPA and GDPR.

Operating globally across a range of industries, Horizon Media needed to ensure that their clients’ budgets were being invested appropriately on websites that meet client standards for consumer privacy.

By partnering with Sourcepoint to apply their Privacy Lens data to programmatic transactions, Horizon Media can continuously adapt to regional best practices dictated by legislation, and ensure the ongoing ethical use of consumer data. Platforms are embracing product solutions for privacy-safe targeting as well, as reflected in last month’s announcement of Sourcepoint’s integration with MediaMath.

Horizon Media plans to roll out Privacy Lens across the entirety of their programmatic practice as a unique method for managing and optimizing media. By setting data privacy parameters and evaluating inventory sources, Horizon Media can ensure its clients’ messages only appear in environments that are deemed privacy compliant, brand safe, and suitable.

Since Horizon Media began working with Sourcepoint, they have applied Privacy Lens insights to their procurement optimization process, finding that:

9% of websites did not have a link to a privacy policy present. This is a baseline requirement under all privacy regulations, including California’s current privacy law, CCPA.

30% of websites did not have an opt-out link present on the main page. This is one of the main requirements of CCPA, as well as for other impending US state privacy laws.

Donald Williams, EVP and CDO, Horizon Media said: “While it’s vital that our own business practices protect consumer privacy, it’s of equal importance that we help restore credibility to the programmatic marketplace by reassuring our clients that their ad dollars are being invested in privacy-safe environments. As we look towards 2023, with the changes coming to Chrome, and a new host of regulatory requirements coming into force, technology solutions like Sourcepoint’s Privacy Lens remain the best means for businesses to future-proof their approach to privacy.”

Ben Barokas, co-founder and CEO, Sourcepoint: “The programmatic ecosystem is undergoing a rapid and much-needed transformation. Data practices that may have gone unnoticed a year ago are now scrutinized closely. In such a dynamic industry, it’s challenging to have proper visibility into the privacy practices of other players. Privacy Lens seeks to bring greater transparency and align incentives for greater privacy compliance. Working with Horizon Media is another important step towards establishing data ethics infrastructure that will ultimately improve experiences for consumers.”




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