IAS integrates Good-Loop's green media technology to offer carbon emissions measurement for digital advertisers

IAS integrates Good-Loop's green media technology to offer carbon emissions measurement for digital advertisers

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Integral Ad Science, IAS,  a global player in digital media quality, has announced a global partnership with purpose-led ad platform Good-Loop that will enable advertisers to measure the carbon emissions generated by their digital ad campaigns.

The partnership will see Good-Loop's carbon measurement solution integrated into IAS's reporting platform, IAS Signal. The integration will allow advertisers to seamlessly track and view the end-to-end carbon footprint of their digital ads in a similar way to other crucial metrics such as viewability.

 Data feeds from Good-Loop will enable advertisers that use IAS's media quality platform to closely monitor and reduce the environmental impact of their ads throughout the entire campaign lifecycle.

There is significant computing power required to fuel the trillions of real time auctions taking place across the length and breadth of the programmatic ecosystem, resulting in carbon emission.

 According to Good-Loop's online carbon calculator, a sample ad campaign that costs $115,000 (£100,000) and delivers 20 million impressions (at a CPM of $6) emits around 5.4 tonnes of carbon – almost a third of what an average US consumer and half of what a UK consumer produces in a year. 

Lisa Utzschneider, CEO, IAS: "Sustainability is a global priority for IAS and we believe that it is our collective responsibility to make a lasting impact. Our partnership with Good-Loop will bring greater climate change transparency for advertisers and provide them with the tools they need to reduce their carbon emissions. The partnership is a major step forward to further decarbonize digital media." 

Good-Loop, a Certified B Corporation, is on a mission to develop simple solutions that move the industry towards positive, climate-friendly advertising. Good-Loop is a certified net carbon negative business.  

Amy Williams, CEO and founder, Good-Loop: "IAS has been a leader in our industry for many years, helping to educate and equip our industry for an era of safer, more effective media buying. In fact it's a company I took a lot of inspiration from when I was establishing my own business. I'm genuinely thrilled to partner with such a pioneering, forward-thinking company, as we work together to drive the industry forwards once again. Together, our integrated Green Media solution will empower advertisers across the world to put their net zero commitments into action and to make a real, lasting change for generations to come." 

Sanofi, the global healthcare brand, and Omnicom Media Group (OMG), the leading media services provider, will take part in the testing of carbon emissions tracking developed by IAS and Good-Loop.

Prasad Ghag, Global Head Media, Digital & Strategic Planning, Sanofi: "Sanofi's Consumer Healthcare business will look to challenge all activities across the marketing supply chain in line with our objective to build the road to carbon Neutrality by 2030. The carbon tracking tool beta test along with IAS and Good-loop will be our starting point to understand carbon emissions levels through our media activities and will be key in designing future actions in media to contribute to our broader carbon reduction targets."

OMG is the global media agency, responsible for media planning and buying across Sanofi's consumer healthcare brands.

Charlotte Baxter, Global Digital and Operations Lead, OMG: "At OMG, sustainability is a priority and we take our collective responsibility to care for the planet seriously. We are pioneering solutions to help measure and ultimately reduce carbon emissions related to media activity, and are proud to support Sanofi on their equally ambitious journey.”




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