IMPACT+ and Teads partner to measure and reduce the carbon footprint of online advertising

IMPACT+ and Teads partner to measure and reduce the carbon footprint of online advertising

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IMPACT+, the solution to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of digital advertising, and Teads, the global media platform, have announced a global partnership with the goal of measuring and reducing the carbon footprint of every online advertising campaign running through the Teads platform.

IMPACT+, the leading third-party carbon footprint measurement provider, can bring concrete recommendations to advertisers globally. Its core objective is to allow digital advertising industry players to combine environmental and marketing KPIs to rapidly act on reducing GHG emissions without degrading media KPIs.

IMPACT+’s solution, launched in France in 2020, is now available in 32 countries in North & Latin Americas, Europe, APAC and MENA, to create a standard of carbon footprint measurement and reduction across every player in the industry, and to better support brands, agencies and adtech platforms in their CSR approach.

Teads and IMPACT+ began their work together in France in 2021 and, after multiple successful campaigns being measured with clients and agencies, Teads’ partners around the world can now leverage the partnership to learn about electricity consumption & greenhouse gas emissions of their campaigns, and identify levers to reduce these emissions. By integrating within the Teads platform globally, the worlds’ leading advertisers will gain actionable information about their campaigns.

Teads’ platform is committed to deliver sustainable business outcomes for brands, by aligning these metrics with Carbon KPIs, it will increase efficiencies and effectiveness for Teads’ clients, continuing Teads’ work to help their partners advertise more sustainably. Currently, Teads is working with over 50 brands that have begun to use IMPACT+ to measure their campaigns’ carbon footprint.

In APAC, having been given exclusive access to the platform in September, Omnicom Media Group have been testing with over 10 clients and leaning into learnings already. Paul Shepherd, chief investment officer and president of Annalect at OMG APAC says “As brands increasingly focus on reducing their scope 3 emissions, our industry needs to supply solutions that our clients can orchestrate towards their sustainability efforts. At OMG, we collaborate with partners to develop systems and processes to make sustainability accessible for our teams. This supports our drive in ensuring planning and optimising media campaigns for reduced carbon emissions becomes market practice.”

Leading the digital advertising industry to reduce its global GHG emissions is an emergency.

The environmental impact of online advertising is a new and complicated topic. Digital advertising is still behind many sectors when it comes to reducing GHG Emissions and the fight against global climate change.

Many brands and agencies, and their adtech providers need deeper, globally consistent, insights about the environmental impacts of their digital ad campaigns, to adapt their digital strategy and act to reduce their impact. But most of them don’t know how to proceed.

At the start of 2021, 90% of French digital advertising professionals were not yet measuring the carbon impact of their activity and 63% of them didn’t even know how to proceed*. Consumers are also really concerned about this problem: 81% of millennials in APAC perceive experiencing ads as detrimental for the environment, and 84% of global consumers said they could be more likely to buy form a company which practices sustainable media advertising**.

Remi Cackel, Chief Product Officer, Teads: We are very excited to offer this solution to all of our clients globally. Doing so is an enormous step for the digital advertising industry. By deepening our understanding of how digital advertising impacts the environment, we can all ensure that business growth and environmental responsibility can go hand in hand, helping brands genuinely interrogate and then reduce their carbon footprint. By aligning with IMPACT+ we are proud to be offering long term, robust solutions to the environmental challenges that this industry is facing.”

Vincent Villaret, CEO, IMPACT+: “We are really thrilled to extend our partnership with Teads to make brands and agencies able to measure and reduce their advertising impact globally.

Thanks to Teads’ dedicated team to the problem of environmental impact of advertising technologies, and the global scale on responsible advertising environments, this collaboration represents a huge opportunity to show and proof a path to a more sustainable digital advertising industry.


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