Intracto Group acquires tech company Foreach

Intracto Group acquires tech company Foreach

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Digital communications company Intracto Group has acquired  Antwerp-based Foreach that is known for building digital platforms and software applications tailored to the client, which enable them to run their business activities more efficiently and digitally. The acqu

For Intracto Group, the acquisition of Foreach, with a fast-growing team of 40 technical experts, is the next step in its vision to grow further as an integrated full-service agency that helps its clients excel in the domains of strategy, creation, content, marketing and technology.

Jan Nuyens, CEO, Foreach: “Making business processes and data management more efficient. That is actually our core business. We usually build custom software. Our philosophy is that ready-made software packages can certainly be useful, if they solve 90% of the problem. If they don’t reach that standard, then they are often doomed to fail and it is better to work out a tailor-made solution.

Our choice for Intracto Group can also be seen in this context. We would like to mean even more to our clients than we already do today. We want to be able to advise as freely and as broadly as possible. That may be an off-the-shelf package, but it may just as well be a solution tailored to the customer. Certainly with the latter we want to be able to support our customers and those of Intracto Group. This way, we can help even more organisations become stronger in their core activities.”

Foreach’s customer portfolio includes De Tijd, Vinci Energies, Standaard Uitgeverij and Tablebooker.

Pieter Janssens, CEO, Intracto Group: “We are delighted to add the Foreach team to Intracto Group. The team and their expertise with Java technology is of great added value to us.

Acquisitions are always very targeted and that is no different with this one. They are incredibly strong in devising solutions for business-critical processes. In our advice to clients, we guarantee a free choice of software technology. Whether it is an off-the-shelf solution or customised software development. We don’t want to force customers in a certain direction, but we want to support them with the best solution for every problem.”

The Antwerp Campus has become an incredible melting pot of talent. Almost 200 digital experts are finding their way back to the office, and the cross-pollination of knowledge and projects is unprecedented. At Intracto Group there are 22 vacancies for the Antwerp campus alone, and digital talent remains more than welcome.

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