ITV announces increased investment in data tech firm InfoSum

ITV announces increased investment in data tech firm InfoSum

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ITV has announced a further investment in data technology company InfoSum, increasing ITV’s investment by 50% of its original amount.

The investment comes following the announcement at The ITV Palooza of the launch of Planet V 2.0, the newly updated version of ITV’s premium advanced advertising platform, and the launch of the new Matchmaker advertising product which allows retail advertisers to enhance their VOD targeting by availing of the audience intersection between ITV’s registered first-party audience and shopper data from partners Boots and Tesco’s dunnhumby. Both of which, as well as ITV’s existing Data Match product, utilise InfoSum’s technology.

Brian Lesser, Chairman and CEO, InfoSum: “As an invaluable and longstanding partner, ITV and InfoSum are joined by a common vision for enabling secure data collaboration. ITV is an innovator that drives real change across the media landscape. Starting with its pioneering use of privacy-first data collaboration in Planet V and, more recently, retail media with the launch of the Matchmaker product alongside Tesco and Boots. With ITV’s additional investment, we are thrilled to further solidify our close partnership and all that is to come.”

Rhys Mclachlan, Director of Advanced Advertising, ITV: “Our InfoSum Datamatch product has been developing nicely and in 2023 will be moving out of Adlabs, our innovation space, and instead become a scaled ‘always-on’ feature of our addressable offering. 

In addition, Matchmaker, our InfoSum facilitated retail media product announced last Autumn, is already over-subscribed for our pilot phase with more than ten brands looking to work with us on the prototype. InfoSum is a critical part of ITV Commercial’s innovation and addressable proposition and an increased stake in the business ensures that we're securing our own futures.”

Planet V 2.0 provides both advertisers and agencies control over the planning, purchasing and reporting of their campaigns. The newly upgraded platform, entirely developed and owned by ITV and released to coincide with the launch of ITVX, puts even more control into buyers' hands.

Data Match enables advertisers to use their own customer data, matched to ITV’s 35m registered user database in a privacy-first consent-compliant process, for targeting across ITV, and also uncover customer-journey insights specific to their customers’ viewing behaviours and preferences.

ITV’s Matchmaker solution was co-created with Tesco’s Media & Insight Platform, dunnhumby, and Boots Media Group. It is entirely cookieless, utilising InfoSum’s privacy-first data collaboration platform to securely match ITV’s existing registered first-party audience with Tesco’s Clubcard and Boots’ Advantage Card databases.

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