JCDecaux launches full stack ad server with tech partner VIOOH

JCDecaux launches full stack ad server with tech partner VIOOH

27-10-2022 12:54:00 | Door: Pie Kamau | Hits: 461 | Tags:

JCDecaux Netherlands announces the first full stack ad server solution. A world first for JCDecaux, with more countries to follow soon.

The success of programmatic digital out-of-home advertising is undeniable. Over the past few years, countless advertisers have used digital technologies to plan and execute DOOH campaigns, leading to tangible results. 

With this digitization of out-of-home, JCDecaux is also experiencing an increase in omnichannel campaigns, both locally and internationally. This creates a need for further standardization and alignment with other channels, such as mobile and social. 

More efficiency

Developed entirely in-house with technology partner VIOOH, the solution improves the efficiency of programmatic trading via DSPs and opens up further opportunities for omnichannel campaigns. After an extended beta period, DSP partners OutMoove and Sage+Archer successfully ran multiple campaigns.

The full stack ad server offers DSPs and advertisers several commercial and technical benefits:

  • Access real-time trading, unlocking attribution, uplift and cross-channel reinforcements.
  • No more peaks in applications that cause technical friction. Bid requests are spread out over the hour, giving DSPs more options to respond.
  • Standardized technical integration with VIOOH. JCDecaux Netherlands is the first worldwide and more countries will follow in programmatic trading via the stack.


The improved efficiencies in procurement and planning are in addition to the existing benefits of DOOH, which delivers full-funnel impact without the complaints often associated with digital advertising. It provides brand-safe environments, free of ad skipping and bot fraud, plus a wide range of attribution metrics for brand campaigns that show product movement.

When it comes to measuring audience reach and resulting business outcomes, DOOH is on par with other channels such as online video, mobile, and social. Thanks to the ad server, all digital channels can now be linked in real time to reach the right audience.



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