LiveWorld launches digital and social media solutions for hospital marketing

LiveWorld launches digital and social media solutions for hospital marketing

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LiveWorld, Inc., with over 25 years of experience in healthcare, retail, and consumer digital and social media, has announced new agency services and capabilities to address the most demanding hospital marketing challenges.

LiveWorld’s proven approach and expertise enables hospitals to acquire, connect, and bind consumers to hospitals with breakthrough creative, and healthcare communities to drive behavior change and moderation to protect and enhance brand reputation.

Peter Friedman, Chairman & CEO, LiveWorld: “The pandemic has completely disrupted conventional hospital marketing and accelerated the changes driven by digital and social media. Traditional strategies and tactics for finding and connecting with customers, building revenue, and managing reputations are falling short. Everyone – physicians, patients, and payers have flocked to social media and digital channels as the new standard of communications.”

LiveWorld solutions address these specific challenges and industry dynamics:

  • Shift to social media driven (Word of Mouth) decision-making
  • Shift to consumer-centric marketing and customer care as a key decision factor
  • Influence of digital and social media on physician hospital choice
  • New digital advertising tracking & privacy policies require hospitals find new ways of connecting with patients
  • Economics demanding more profitable revenue and new models to scale FTE costs

Partnering with leading healthcare, pharmaceutical, and hospital brands, LiveWorld has led the way in helping institutions understand, analyze, and execute campaigns in this new, evolving environment. The agency’s team is staffed by experts in digital and social media with healthcare marketing and advertising experience in 20 therapeutic categories.

LiveWorld service areas of specialization include:

  • Campaign strategy, research & planning
  • Creative concepting, design & production
  • Online healthcare community development
  • Social media marketing & advertising services
  • Healthcare chatbots, apps & virtual assistants
  • Content moderation & community management
  • Social listening and reputation management

Hospital leaders are breaking away from traditional thinking and turning to new approaches with digital technologies and social media to establish credible conversations with patients and HCPs. LiveWorld brings these capabilities to the hospital market.


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