Loop Media and ACTV8me deploy MarTech solutions across digital out-of-home network

Loop Media and ACTV8me deploy MarTech solutions across digital out-of-home network

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Loop Media, Inc., a multichannel streaming platform that provides curated music video and branded entertainment channels for businesses and consumers, has announced a strategic partnership to deploy ACTV8me’s dynamic media and marketing technology, MarTech, platform solutions across Loop Media’s platform of out-of-home, OOH, business clients.

ACTV8me is a global ad monetization, engagement and attribution measurement platform that extends on-screen advertising to enable one-to-one interactions with end-users across media, including digital out-of-home (“DOOH”), linear and streaming television, in retail, sports and entertainment venues. Brands and agencies can transform any ad into a direct-to-consumer (“DTC”) experience without changing ad inventory or the front-end creative.

Using its proprietary Sequential QR Code™ solution (an “SQR Code”), ACTV8me can send contextual value (promotions, coupons, seasonal offers, sweepstakes, lead generation opportunities, and unique content) from any static or digital screen to the consumer's mobile device, ultimately curating a personalized experience for consumers, and enabling brands to attract and engage more customers.

By utilizing geo-location in tandem with an SQR Code™, the same code can display different offers and information based on time of day, and a consumer’s location. These data-driven offers can then be saved into the native wallet (Apple Pay or Google Pay) and redeemed in-store, in-venue, or online, allowing ACTV8me and Loop Media to track each interaction across the path to purchase. Additionally, with its location-based tools, ACTV8me can remind consumers of such offers within their native iOS and Android wallets once they are within proximity to the activated site(s), driving converted sales that are directly attributable to the campaign.

The partnership allows two leading tech companies to demonstrate industry-first capabilities and experiences by leveraging Loop Media’s distribution network within retail stores nationwide, specifically in convenience stores and specialty grocery locations, coupled with ACTV8me’s full funnel ad effectiveness and ad efficiency platform. When a consumer enters or exits a geofenced boundary line at a specified retail location, they will be prompted with a calculated message that inspires an immediate response. Using Loop Media’s geographic footprint and ACTV8me’s technology, advertisers will have the ability to create a unique experience for consumers and continually reconnect and be at the forefront of the consumer’s mind.

Bob Gruters, Chief Revenue Officer, Loop Media: “This partnership is major for all stakeholders in DOOH as much as it is for Loop Media and ACTV8me. Our collective plan is to demonstrate new experiences for brands and consumers that have never been seen before in DOOH, while proving out the combined conversion power of our world-class in-business CTV network, and a sophisticated MarTech partner, ACTV8me.”

David Schreff, CEO, ACTV8me: “ACTV8me is thrilled to partner with Loop Media to provide millions of consumers with Loop Media’s unique curated digital out-of-home experiences, while delivering brands and retailers ACTV8me’s powerful ad effectiveness and ad efficiency tools to engage consumers year-round.”

Brian Shuster, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, ACTV8me: “Our partnership with Loop Media will deliver exceptional value to the busy digital first-consumers who seek convenient mobile tools that will help save time and money across their favorite retailers, while enhancing overall shopping experiences and providing new insights to brands.”

Loop Media and ACTV8me will initiate this new program in January 2023 in various locations across its OOH retail network nationwide.





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