Loop Media helps businesses migrate to streaming with bandwidth reducing tech

Loop Media helps businesses migrate to streaming with bandwidth reducing tech

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Loop Media, Inc., a multichannel streaming platform that provides curated music video and branded entertainment channels for businesses and consumers, has announced an awareness campaign around the technological accessibility, universality, and resiliency of its end-to-end ad-supported, content and entertainment solution that is 100% free to businesses.

For the first time ever, in 2022, more Americans watched streaming TV over cable TV.

 Loop Media believes this same trend towards streaming and away from traditional cable TV is evident in the out of home market, with companies like Loop Media providing alternative content choices on a free ad supported basis to these businesses.

However, businesses face unique challenges when it comes to services requiring high speed Internet. While the national average internet speed is 119.03 Mbps, Loop Media reports that the average speed in the business venues in which it services is just 23.11 Mbps.

Liam McCallum, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder, Loop Media: "There are a lot of services competing for bandwidth within today’s modern business venues, and critical services like sales terminals simply can't afford to go offline. We also know that customer entertainment has become just as critical to a venue's success, so we've recently launched a suite of features to help a business more easily cut the cord and embrace a streaming platform for their customer entertainment like Loop Media."

Most streaming services hungrily take all the bandwidth they can, but Loop Media's proprietary Loop Player has the option to throttle bandwidth requirements down to the bare minimum needed for operation. With this new option enabled, the Loop Player will reduce its speed to just 4Mbps, leaving plenty of bandwidth free for other critical services.

Venues increasingly install multiple streaming devices, which normally increase bandwidth requirements in a linear fashion. Loop Players can now communicate between themselves over internal networks rather than stream from the Internet to relieve congestion. This makes your Internet bill look like there’s one streaming device rather than 10.

The Loop Player is adept at keeping channels playing reliably by prioritizing media traffic and adapting bitrates to even the slowest Internet connections. A venue owner can be rest assured, if the venue's internet becomes congested, the Loop Player should continue to entertain.

Jon Niermann, CEO, Loop Media CEO: “Our mission above all things is to help businesses understand that we’re constantly solving for anything and everything that’s happening on their screens. Part of telling that story is making sure business operators understand just how easy and accessible we’ve made things from a technology standpoint.”



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