LTK launches self-serve influencer marketing platform

LTK launches self-serve influencer marketing platform

05-08-2021 16:35:06 | Door: Bob Koigi | Hits: 1948 | Tags:

LTK, the global digital marketing platform powered by creators, is expanding its services to allow brands to build, manage and scale their influencer marketing plans first-hand, across all publishing platforms and the LTK shopping app.

Enterprise brands have spent more than $1 billion on creators through the LTK platform. The self-service platform is available now for select partners and will open up to its full 5,000 brands this year, with an eye towards powering influencer marketing for the growing number of D2C brands that found success on the LTK platform in the last year.

As a company that has powered creator commerce for 10 years, LTK has built a premium network of 150,000 influencers and a unique data set comprised of influencer historical retail performance data, by channel.

Given the increased need for nuanced and localized marketing, LTK empowers marketers to discover creators based on full-funnel performance and demographic data of the creator and their audience.

Katherine Redd, e-commerce director, Hampden Clothing: “LTK’s self-serve platform is a game changer for how my team will cast influencers for marketing campaigns. We are very deliberate about how we cast campaigns, customizing not only according to demographics and psychographics that match our consumer target, but also strategically based on who we can trust will convert. The platform offers complete control over the campaign -- from full-funnel insights, messaging with the influencer and payouts -- making it a truly one-stop-shop platform. We are a small team, so having a user-friendly platform that can enable us to quickly find and cast influencers and go through the campaign process efficiently is critical. It’s an incredible way to test and scale what’s working hardest for us.”

The introduction of this new brand platform comes amid exponential growth for LTK, which in the last year alone has experienced triple digit growth in brand collaboration investments, and in consumer purchases made through its LTK shopping app.

LTK Creators have now driven $10 billion in retail sales for LTK retail partners.

Kristi O’Brien, General Manager, LTK Brand Platform: “This is the first time we’re opening access to our enterprise-level technology and offering retail partners the ability to price, cast and execute full-funnel creator campaigns. We are hyper aware of the importance of ROI and ROAS for today’s marketers and are obsessed with designing efficient product solutions that help them drive outcomes for their businesses.”


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