Lunii, France's top-selling toy expands into the U.S.

Lunii, France's top-selling toy expands into the U.S.

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Top-selling toy on France Amazon, Lunii has crossed the Atlantic and is launching in the U.S. this month (now available in B8TA). Perfect for this COVID times, it's screen-free and emissions-free, a great alternative to tablets and phones.

Lunii consists of:

My Fabulous Storyteller:

  • A unique "story maker" that empowers children to craft their own story by choosing a hero, a location, an object and another character
  • Features 48 stories with the option to download an additional 7 multilingual albums of 3 hours each plus 24 bedtime stories in English and 7 bedtime stories in other languages
  • Able to store up to 100+ albums of different languages simultaneously 
  • Perfect for long trips with more than 10 hours of continuous listening
  • Constantly releasing immersive, high-quality stories for a unique listening experience
  • For kids age 3 to 10 years old



  • The unique Lunii headphones for My Favorite Storyteller
  • Customizable with six sets of stickers of your heroes
  • Standard double jack plug to connect multiple headphones simultaneously on one device
  • Volume limited to 85db to protect children's hearing



  • A curation of 150+ audio stories from passionate authors to dazzle the imagination
  • Fun titles that feed an insatiable curiosity such as this great story for Halloween, Monstrous Fairy Tales


Excerpt: "Have you ever seen… an ogre who's a top vegetarian chef, an insomniac vampire or a witch who loves to bake?"

Lunii, makers of My Fabulous Storyteller, fosters children's imagination. The company curates immersive audio stories to inspire kids. Their authors, sound designers, voice actors, and translators, are passionate about delivering a fun and unique experience to your little ones. Their mission is to help kids awaken their imagination, develop vocabulary, improve concentration, relax, learn new languages, discover art and explore the world around them.

Compact, lightweight, and easy to carry, Lunii is a child's companion that fosters their creative world.


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