Media.Monks and GVB introduce first Dutch travel poet

Media.Monks and GVB introduce first Dutch travel poet

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To make Amsterdammers feel the connection of public transport, the Amsterdam carrier is introducing the first Dutch Travel Poet: Roziena Salihu. Media.Monks is responsible for the concept and execution of the campaign. 

The first Dutch Travel Poet

Roziena Salihu is a well-known phenomenon in the Amsterdam spoken word scene . "I am a storyteller, with the word as a starting point." This can be clearly heard in the campaign's launch film, the first in a series of spoken words : "Our city is turning orange, brown and yellow again. And so the leaves, the puddles of water on the streets, tell the story of our city. the place we live in." The theme of the spoken word is autumn. It describes how public transport reconnects Amsterdammers with each other and the city after traveling to faraway places. 

Claudia Zuiderwijk, General Manager GVB: "It is precisely in times of polarisation, climate change and individualisation that public transport can contribute to the connection and quality of life in our city. We found the talent and image of Roziena Salihu perfectly in line with the message we want Together with her, we want to remind people in Amsterdam how important public transport in our beautiful, inclusive city is for everyone who seeks and connects. It is an ode and actually also a call to all of us to stay connected ."

The road show

Pieter Schouten , Associate Creative Director, Media.Monks: "We have all traveled less by public transport recently due to the pandemic. We wanted people to experience again that traveling with public transport connects and the words of Roziena Salihu beautifully express that. "

The words of the Travel Poet can not only be heard in the film, but will also be seen on trams, bus shelters and social media. Roziena Salihu is the first Travel Poet in the Netherlands and will fulfill this role for at least one year.

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