OpenSolar and GSES create a knowledge platform for Australian solar installers

OpenSolar and GSES create a knowledge platform for Australian solar installers

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OpenSolar Pty Ltd, a software company focused on empowering solar installers with the world’s most accurate and entirely free solar design and sales platform, and Global Sustainable Energy Solutions (GSES), the internationally recognised renewable energy engineering consultancy, education and training provider, have announced a first-of-its-kind platform integration partnership that offers Australian solar installers a one stop shop for running their solar business while securing and maintaining Australian Clean Energy Council accreditations.

The integration between OpenSolar and GSES marks the launch of the OpenSolar Academy - OpenSolar’s commitment to deliver not only cutting edge software tools but also the knowledge necessary for solar professionals to grow their businesses and excel at what they do. This partnership creates a seamless experience between designing and selling solar systems to customers, and participating in a wide variety of leading training courses such as Solar PV and batteries design and installation, Australian standards, and BOS equipment.

This is useful not only to keep accreditations up to date for a solar business, but it opens the door to more knowledge for more of a solar company’s employees in the native software environment that they use daily.

Andrew Birch, Co-Founder and CEO, OpenSolar: “Since the election it’s very clear to us that Australia intends to double down on its leadership in rooftop solar. Experienced Australian installers and new people that will undoubtedly now enter the solar workforce will benefit from the leading solar design and sales platform now combined with the leading solar knowledge platform. We’re proud to launch the OpenSolar Academy with GSES.”

Geoff Stapleton, Founder and Managing Director, GSES: “GSES leads Australia in renewable energy engineering, training and consultancy. The next logical step for us is to integrate our online, self-paced training with a toolset that Australian installers are using every day to design, sell and install for their customers. The partnership is well positioned to support Australia’s growing renewable energy workforce.”


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