Parpia Global Management acquires The Summit Group Communications

Parpia Global Management acquires The Summit Group Communications

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The Summit Group (TSG) Communications, Inc., a full-service marketing, communications and advertising agency focused on growing businesses, has announced it has been acquired by Parpia Global Management.

Parpia Global Management is owned by investor and serial entrepreneur Naushad Parpia who also serves as Chairman of Plative, a fast-growing managed services firm that was recently named one of the country’s fastest-growing firms by Consulting. Parpia founded and grew the digital-first management consulting firm offering advisory, professional, and project implementation services to more than 1,100 clients with offices in New York City, Toronto, Vancouver, Mumbai and Manila. He will serve as the TSG Chief Executive Officer leading a team of talented professionals and a longtime senior management team including Partners James Rabdau, Jordan Howe and Melissa Romley.

Naushad Parpia, CEO, TSG: “I’m thrilled to join this talented team and breathe new and exciting culture into the agency. There is a lot of opportunity to grow TSG, and I’m extremely eager work with the team in place to launch the agency into its next phase of amazing work. Through this acquisition and continued investment of new resources into the business, I will apply my passion for building scalable businesses to grow TSG exponentially in the years to come. We have a team of incredible professionals who are experts in marketing communications and growing businesses."

The Summit Group was founded nearly forty years ago by Bill Paulos who built the agency as an independent firm and fierce advocate for its clients. It remains Utah’s longest-running independently owned agency and has represented some of the world’s most recognizable brands and small, promise-filled businesses aspiring to become household names.

Bill Paulos, founder, and former CEO, TSG: “I founded TSG when I was 24 years old and have worked alongside hundreds of engaging, smart, and professional people, clients, and TSG teammates — many that have become lifetime friends. I have always believed that business is the ultimate team sport and I have loved my job because it fueled my desire as a competitor and teammate. I firmly believe Naushad is exactly the right person to take TSG to higher levels of achievement and growth, and he cares deeply about the team and clients we have built.”

Paulos co-owned the agency with Partner Todd Wolfenbarger who bought into the firm nearly 20 years ago after a successful career with several Fortune 500 companies. Wolfenbarger will continue to serve TSG in a consultative role.

Wolfenbarger: “This is an exciting time to be in this business and TSG has amazing clients, talented people and phenomenal near-term growth opportunities. I firmly believe the best, and most exciting days, for TSG lie ahead.”


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