PRCA and Misstake announce new partnership for training in Spanish

PRCA and Misstake announce new partnership for training in Spanish

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The Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) has partnered with Misstake Creativity School to provide training in Spanish to PRCA members in not just in Latin America, but across the world.

The main objective of Misstake is to develop creative abilities in any type of professional organisation. Led by former Ketchum Spain Creative Manager Eva Álvarez and former Ketchum Spain CEO Teresa Garcia, Misstake believes in comprehensive training that involves both the growth of personal and social skills, as well as the learning of different methods.

The partnership with the PRCA begins with four different online training courses:

12th September - Creativity in PR – Intensive course
19th September - Creativity in PR – Insight mapping module
19th September - Creativity in PR – Concept board module
19th September - Creativity in PR – Creative dynamics module

Eva Álvarez, Founder and CEO, Misstake: “With the power of a great association such as the PRCA Americas, at Misstake we want to continue promoting creativity in PR agencies, as we have been doing in Spain for the last 4 years. Our training model generates tremendous value to the sector, and now joining forces with an association that shares our commitment to excellence, we’re in a unique position to drive innovation in PR in Latin America and Europe.

We share not only the language of PR agencies, but our mother tongue as Latinos. This makes us understand the business of the sector and the possibility of creating from the same origin. In creativity, language is one of the keys and nowadays, in communication, creativity is the key to differentiation.”

Melissa Cannon, International Director, PRCA: “We have ambitious growth plans in Latin America, and we believe this is an exciting, important step for the PRCA. Partnering with Misstake allow us to deliver unique, specialised Spanish training to our members, and importantly, helps both our organisations strengthen their reach in Latin America.”

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