PRCA unveils fintech group to address challenging communications space

PRCA unveils fintech group to address challenging communications space

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The Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) has appointed Edelman’s fintech and crypto expert, Martyna Borys CMPRCA, as the Chair of its new Financial Services & Fintech Group.

The new Group will provide a platform for experts from across the spectrum of the financial services discipline to come together, share hands-on advice and discover best practice.

The Group aims to build on financial services’ traditional corporate heritage while leveraging the growing influence of new market entrants who are quickly reshaping the industry.

The launch of the Group coincides with the long-awaited Kalifa Review which called for the industry’s innovation.

Ron Kalifa OBE, Author, Kalifa Review: “Fintech is not a niche within financial services. Nor is it a sub-sector. It is a permanent, technological revolution, that is changing the way we do finance. Its essence is in both fast-growing fintech companies, and the investment and use of technology by our incumbent financial institutions”.

Martyna Borys, Chair of Financial Services & Fintech Group, PRCA: “We’re reaching an inflection point in financial services and fintech. There’s been a great deal of cross-collaboration but that doesn’t extend to the industry’s communications. In the last year, the Covid-19 crisis, the Wirecard scandal and the rise of cryptocurrency have presented new communications threats and opportunities for the sector. But we’ve gone as far as we can go in siloes.

There are some groups across the financial and fintech industries but none which assemble communications professionals at a time when we need it most. Bringing together PR executives from the biggest, most established banks to Heads of Marketing from start-ups at the bleeding edge, this group changes that for the first time.”

Francis Ingham, Director General PRCA: “Martyna brings a wealth of experience in the enterprise technology sector having worked with challenger brands in the fintech and cryptocurrency space. The PRCA Financial Services & Fintech Group will be a hub for robust discussion as financial communications continues to rapidly evolve and move away from its traditional corporate and conservative approach.”

The new Group’s formation follows PRCA’s inaugural City & Financial Conference earlier in the month.

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