Reprise Commerce Canada team presents RETHINK eCOMMERCE Study

Reprise Commerce Canada team presents RETHINK eCOMMERCE Study

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The Canadian team at Reprise Commerce, recently presented a new Canadian study called RETHINK eCOMMERCE: Staying Ahead of Canadian Online Shopping Behaviours.

The study looks at the latest state of Canadian eCommerce shopper behavior, distilling these trends and providing key take-aways for brands and retailers across these pillars. It also dives into best practices to enable an integrated approach to accelerate brands eCommerce results.

Among the findings of the report include:

Convenience is the primary factor affecting online shopping with consumers citing that not having to go out into stores (64%), being able to shop around for the best price (62%) and saving them time (54%) as the top three advantages.

63% of Canadians browse on Amazon to discover products, but Amazon was not the #1 online purchase platform in the top 6 categories where they were ranked highest for product discoverability including Clothing, Shoes and Accessories (71%), Consumer Electronics (51%), Health & Beauty (47%), and Books (43%). This suggests that shoppers are researching and browsing in these categories on Amazon before making their final purchase decision elsewhere.

89% of consumers intend to use eCommerce Pure Play Retailers (primarily Amazon) in the future (consideration +6% over past 6 months usage), but Big Box Specialty and General Merchandise eRetail platforms are showing the strongest signs of future growth (+18% and 16% over past 6 months usage respectively). Brands should adopt best content practices across all relevant retailer platforms to provide their consumers with consistent brand messaging regardless of where they shop

The full report can be accessed here


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