RIS launches InkCenter cartridge refill service at MediaMarkt stores in Spain

RIS launches InkCenter cartridge refill service at MediaMarkt stores in Spain

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Retail Inkjet Solutions (RIS) partnered with MediaMarkt to pilot its inkjet cartridge refill service at select store locations throughout Spain. While shopping, MediaMarkt customers can simply drop off their empty inkjet cartridges at the InkCenter® service area to be refilled by a qualified service team member. This innovative refill technology is designed to be convenient and efficient, while also reducing the amount of single-use plastic ending up in our landfills and oceans.

David Lenny, President & CEO of RIS: "RIS is excited to be partnering with MediaMarkt, especially as environmentally friendly products and services are becoming more widely popular within the retail space. We recently formed our newest entity, Retail Inkjet Solutions Spain, and we believe that MediaMarkt offers a wealth of credibility and strategic thinking that complements our own personal approach. A less expensive way to print will really help many people having to work from home in the current Coronavirus situation."

RIS has displayed a strong ambition to expand throughout continental Europe by working with several major retailers such as MediaMarkt. "Our goal is to bring exceptional quality ink and print clarity to the public, much more affordably," added Lenny. "MediaMarkt is an incredible brand to bring under the RIS InkCenter® network and offers maximum eco-friendly exposure throughout European retail stores."

The RIS InkCenter® features a patented, precision refill system that professionally cleans, fills and tests each cartridge to ensure flawless performance while maximizing the number of times a cartridge can be refilled. With up to 70 percent cost savings, the InkCenter® system aims to save customers time and money, while also helping the environment.

Vincent Hormovitis, Vice President of Sales & Business Development at RIS: "We are delighted to be launching our first InkCenter® pilot program in Spain with MediaMarkt. Their management team is passionate about offering their customers unbeatable added value and service. After observing major retail market growth in a number of other European countries, we decided that now is the perfect time to develop a partnership with MediaMarkt so together we can better respond to consumer needs in Spain."

RIS is confident that the ink cartridge refilling service will serve MediaMarkt customers very well and will lead to expansion into other locations. The InkCenter® system is now available at several MediaMarkt stores including Madrid and Barcelona, and in Leon.

Henry Serrano, Head of Service Operations at MediaMarkt Iberia: "MediaMarkt is very proud to be part of this move by RIS. We are a consumer electronics company with a responsibility to offer our customers a range of environmentally friendly alternatives. Cartridge refill is a quality service that underlines our environmental commitment.''



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