Seven Stones to handle St John & St Elizabeth Hospital advertising account

Seven Stones to handle St John & St Elizabeth Hospital advertising account

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St John & St Elizabeth Hospital has awarded its advertising account to Seven Stones.

The agency has been tasked with producing a 360 brand campaign to raise awareness of the hospital as a leading charitable hospital with the best quality of care.

The creative concept is also likely to be used for the launch of the hospital’s £40m new extension and renovation, opening next year.

St John & St Elizabeth is one of the largest independent charity hospitals in the UK. Their charitable status comes from their on-site and community St John’s Hospice, which is funded with appeals and surplus from their private healthcare services. Their in-patient, day care and community facility provides palliative care services, without charge, to around 4000 people and their families, living within a wide catchment area and has for over 35 years.

NHS figures reveal huge falls in the number of patients who have been going into hospital for a range of vital care in England since the pandemic began in March with hospital patient numbers reduced they need to encourage their existing patient community, as well as new patients that they are safe to attend if they have any medical need.

Victoria Hatcher, Head of Marketing and Branding, St John & St Elizabeth Hospital: “This year we launched a new brand for the Hospital and Hospice, it’s based on our mantra of ‘Putting people first’ and our aim for this campaign was to bring this to life. We had to do this within the context of COVID-19 so as to reassure our patients, and our London community, whilst setting ourselves apart as the provider that offers the very best level of care from people who treat you like a person, not a number. The team at Seven Stones have really understood the brief, they got to the heart of it, listened to us, and have cemented our positioning to avoid the usual generic private medical style advertising. We’re excited about what’s to come.”

Dan Russell, Managing Director, Seven Stones: “Not only does St John & St Elizabeth Hospital have incredible satisfaction rates, it uses its outstanding private healthcare services to help fund a free community hospice, giving it a purpose like no other. They’re an amazing brand and we’re looking forward to partnering with them and combining our academic knowledge and creativity with their lived experience to help get patients choosing them, especially during these times.”


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