Shekel supplies smart refrigerators to Belgian retailer Colruyt

Shekel supplies smart refrigerators to Belgian retailer Colruyt

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Shekel, along with U.S. based Parlevel Systems, supplied dozens of smart refrigerators to the Colruyt retail group operating in BelgiumLuxembourg and France. The transaction is estimated at 1M NIS.

The smart refrigerators (Hubz) are based on a product recognition technology developed by Shekel, a company that develops AI based electronic weighing systems. The refrigerators are installed with shelves that are able to automatically identify products, the door unlocks when identifying a payment method. The inventory of the refrigerator is monitored by a remote management software. The Hubz refrigerators were developed through a cooperative venture between Shekel, which developed the product recognition and weighing technology, Imbera – the world's largest commercial refrigerator manufacturer and Parlevel System, which develops software for managing automated vending machines.

Colruyt employs over 30,000 employees and is a leader in its countries of operation. The group consists of ~25 different companies engaged mainly in supplying food to domestic consumers, ranging from fresh produce through private brand products and operating various sized supermarkets. In addition, one of the subsidiaries offers catering services to companies and organization (B2B). Colruyt purchased 54 refrigerators and placed them at fitness centers in Belgium (JIM). In addition, it placed 13 refrigerators at company sites and at the main headquarters for Sabena at the Brussels Airport. 44 additional refrigerators were ordered for Colruyt's next organizational client. The transaction was effected through Parlevel Systems, which provides the management software and support services for the refrigerators. The total scope of the transaction exceeds $650K and Shekel's share is over 300K.

Rami Bachar, VP Business Development at Shekel: "We are proud to provide the world's most advanced technology for automatic product recognition and to enable the sale of fresh and healthy products through automatic vending machines. We are pleased to cooperate with global leaders like Imbera and Parlevel Systems, enabling us to offer quality and reliable products to leading retail chains like Colruyt, and to establish our presence as technological leaders in the global retail market. The technology, developed at our R&D center in Israel, combines proprietary IoT sensors with AI based algorithms, creating one of the most advanced product recognition technologies in the world."



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