Simulmedia partners with Comscore to enable entertainment marketers reach target viewers across linear TV

Simulmedia partners with Comscore to enable entertainment marketers reach target viewers across linear TV

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Between now and the end of the year, hundreds of new and returning TV series, along with a myriad of original films, live events and specials, will premiere across more channels and platforms than ever before available.

 These new programs will span broadcast, cable, satellite and AVOD, SVOD and FAST streaming services. As a result, entertainment marketers face unprecedented hurdles in finding the right viewers across this fragmented landscape to drive to their programming.

To address their challenges, Simulmedia, a player in truly cross-channel TV advertising, today announced a partnership with Comscore, Inc., a trusted partner for planning, transacting and evaluating media across platforms, to integrate Comscore’s TV viewership audiences into Simulmedia’s unique TV+® platform.

This partnership will enable entertainment marketers to reach viewership-based audiences no matter where they’re watching by using TV+® to find and target Comscore viewership audiences across streaming TV programs with greater cost-efficiency and reduced duplication.

Lori O’Connor, Vice President of Sales, West Coast, Simulmedia: “For the first time ever, entertainment marketers can now run promotional paid media campaigns across the entire television and streaming footprint with the confidence that they'll reach audiences most interested in tuning in to their new shows.”

Consumers’ viewership preferences are crucial to driving successful tune-in promotion, so incorporating Comscore’s high-value custom audience segments based on that behavior into TV+® will allow entertainment marketers to target and activate viewers across both data-driven linear and streaming TV consistently and cost-effectively without wasteful duplication.

Rachel Gantz, GM Activation and Advertising Solutions, Comscore: “We’re thrilled that Simulmedia has chosen to leverage Comscore’s viewership audiences in an innovative way that will ensure more entertainment marketers are driving viewers to both their new programs and returning favorites. As choices exponentially increase for TV consumers, it is critical that entertainment marketers have access to accurate audience data to ensure they get their message in front of the right audience.”

By utilizing TV+®’s patented forecasting technology, direct access to over 250 premium inventory partners and automated planning, buying, activation and measurement processes – in combination with Comscore’s custom viewership-based targeting capabilities and the billions of data points from dozens of sources that Simulmedia’s platform ingests and synthesizes daily – entertainment marketers can execute tune-in campaigns in a seamless, unified manner.

It’s an approach that accounts for the complicated viewer journey through today’s scattered omnichannel landscape in which consumers routinely switch their attention not only from network to network, but from linear TV to streaming and then back again on a regular, daily basis.


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