Spotter and Havas Media enable brands to invest in diverse creators directly

Spotter and Havas Media enable brands to invest in diverse creators directly

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Spotter, the company fueling the creator economy on YouTube, and Havas Media Group (HMG), the media experience agency, have announced a partnership enabling brands to put money directly into the hands of diverse creators.

This partnership allows brands to play a direct role in the growth and expansion of YouTube channels and the online presence of select diverse creators. As creators are building small businesses, media companies, and hiring full-scale teams, like any business, they often require funding in order to grow.

Aaron DeBevoise, CEO and Founder, Spotter: “We are thrilled to partner with Havas Media Group to further our commitment to diverse creators. As more creators are becoming enterprises in their own right, providing a way for brands and advertisers to support in that journey is a monumental next step. This capital is key to helping fuel diverse creators’ businesses, grow their channels, and support their overall expansion.”

Since launching in 2019, Spotter has already committed over $125M to diverse creators. HMG has focused on deploying capital to diverse media owners through BIPOC Media Connections, a program launched in 2021 designed to help advertisers direct more revenue to support Black-owned and Hispanic-owned radio stations across the United States. Across these commitments, supporting diverse-owned businesses has been a focus for both Spotter and HMG and this partnership allows the companies to blend resources and make an even larger impact.

Greg Walsh, CEO, Havas Media, North America: “When we think about what meaningful media means today, I can’t think of anything more meaningful than empowering and championing diverse creators on a platform like YouTube with partners like Spotter. Creators are building small businesses. Funding them and giving them access to the amazing stable of brands we represent helps them scale their business.“

Nick Johnson, Chief Revenue Officer, Spotter: “This partnership unlocks an entirely new way for brands to engage with diverse creators. By deploying capital directly to them, brands can now play a role in creators’ journeys of growing and scaling as small businesses and media enterprises.”

Through this partnership with HMG, Spotter will continue to give diverse creators game-changing capital they already would have plus even more from direct brand support. Earlier this year, Spotter announced a commitment to deploy $1 billion to YouTubers, along with the close of a Series D funding round led by SoftBank Vision Fund 2, valuing the company at $1.7 billion.


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