Tiktok launches $6 million fund for creators to monetize their content

Tiktok launches $6 million fund for creators to monetize their content

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Social media platform Tiktok has added more offerings to its diverse range of monetization features to further help creators unlock real world opportunities and grow their careers in a way that's most authentic to them. This, as it explores and introduces more ways to reward all types of creators on TikTok and their hard work and creativity.

Effect House creators have made an enormous impact on TikTok as their innovative effects have sparked trends, shaped culture, and inspired people to create content that brings joy to our global community. To further celebrate and reward effect creators on TikTok, has unveiled Effect Creator Rewards - a new initiative that rewards creators for high-performing effects. 

The $6 dollar fund, available to creators in select regions, will offer payments to creators based on the community's engagement with their effects. At launch, for every effect that's used in 500K unique videos within 90 days of being published, a creator will collect $700 USD. For every 100K videos published thereafter within the same 90 days, creators will collect an additional $140.

When TikTok launched the Effect House beta - complete with development tools, guides, and learning resources — the goal was to equip designers, developers and creators with all they needed to build dynamic Community Effects for TikTok's global community. The investment in Effect Creator Rewards furthers that commitment, it says, expanding opportunities for effect creators and helping support and reward their passion and creativity.

Earlier this year, the social media giant announced the Creativity Program Beta and recently opened the program to all eligible creators. It developed the new program taking into account valuable learnings and feedback from the creator community and designed it to encourage creators to further unleash their creativity, generate higher revenue potential and unlock more exciting, real-world opportunities.

Eligible creators must be based in BR, FR, or the US, and have an account in good standing and at least 10k followers with a minimum of 100K views in the last 30 days and videos must be high-quality, original content that is longer than one minute.

The Creativity Program Beta offers a new formula that provides a higher average gross revenue for qualified video views, giving creators the potential to earn higher rewards. Additionally, the updated dashboard provides more insights, including estimated rewards, video performance metrics and analytics, and details on video eligibility.

TikTok says it prioritizes the safety of its community when introducing new features and continue working to maintain a safe and welcoming environment where creativity and expression can thrive.

Statement: “As with everything shared on TikTok, all content must abide by our Community Guidelines. As we continue to build new ways for creators to feel valued and rewarded as they inspire and engage our community, we continue to listen to our community for feedback to further support our creators. To learn more about all the ways creators can get paid or collect rewards on TikTok, you can visit our Creator Portal.”


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